Meet your
Tap Teacher!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Amanda and I love to Tap Dance! That love started when I was 7 years old and took my first dance class at the esteemed Terry Smith School of Dance Arts in the SF Eastbay.  I went on to study with Terry for 17 years.  Not only is she an incredibly talented dancer, teacher, and choreographer, she is also a wonderful person who served as an amazing role model for me in several other ways.   Terry and I remain great friends to this day!

During my time with the Terry Smith Dancers, we competed all over the state and country and always received top awards because of the hard work we loved to put into perfecting our routines paired with Terry's wonderful, supportive instruction and fresh, innovative choreography.

Continuing Terry's culture of kindness and work ethic propelling growth, progress and results, I, too, facilitate dance programming that not only imparts what I know, but also demonstrates respect and empowerment toward my dance students to "tap" into their own creative abilities (improv is a big part of the tap dance artform).   In so doing, my students become my teachers, too!

I bring with me a background in performing arts, early childhood education (Reggio), health, fitness and recreation facilitation among other interests. 

I’m so excited to share the joy of tap dancing with all who want to learn it!

Let’s Tap, Sonoma! :D

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